Lone Wolf Survival and Adventure Gear is a veteran owned and operated company. I am a veteran of 30 years of military service in 2 branches: US Navy (4 years) and US Army (26 years).  

I started Lone Wolf Survival and Adventure Gear because I saw that a lot of the first aid and survival kits available online are full of a lot of items that are of limited (or no) use in a real survival situation. I was concerned that people would buy those kits thinking they would be able to survive and then find out, too late, that those kits and items were not as helpful as they should be.    

Based on my years of military experience and backpacking experience all over the Western USA, I realized I could develop survival and first aid kits that would be very useful in a survival situation/emergency. I researched a lot of survival related internet sites and read a lot of books and manuals on survival to add that knowledge to my personal experience.

I have had a successful eBay store for the past 3 years with 100% positive feedback and am a Top-Rated Seller. I used eBay as a way to start my business and to work out any issues with designing and selling my custom survival and first aid/medical kits. 

I grew up in Western Montana and spent a lot of my teenage years exploring the wilderness and mountains of Montana and other Western states. As a result of my years of military service and backpacking experience, I have a lot of survival experience in a variety of climates and conditions.

I have survived in temperatures as low as -60 degrees (Montana in the winter) and as high as over 130 degrees (Middle East in the summer) and can survive in just about any conditions imaginable. I have survived hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards and sandstorms as well as many wilderness expeditions, some of which were solo. 

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